General Information

How are they fixed down?    

All stairlifts currently in manufacture are screwed into the treads of your stairs, usually on top of any carpet or covering you may have. In very rare cases a wall fixing may also be added as an extra support.


Can other people get past it?    

Yes, there should be no problem on any normal staircase as all stairlifts are designed to fold up out of the way when not in use. Some stairlifts are designed to be smaller than others and this may sometimes need consideration if your staircase is very narrow.


What if two people need to use the same stairlift?    

All stairlifts are supplied with some type of remote control so that if the chair is at the other end of its travel you can call it to you.


How long does it take to fit a stairlift?   

All stairlifts can normally be fitted in one day.


Do you rent stairlifts?

We do maintain a small stock of stairlifts for use as rental units, but we recommend purchasing a lift as better value for long term use. The availability of rental units is very limited.


Are all stairlift engineers trained and qualified?       

Sadly No. We can at least say our Engineers will have a minimum of City and Guilds level 3 and wherever possible will have undertaken relevant manufacturer training and have had references/employment history fully checked, we aim also to have everyone registered with the British Healthcare Traders Association.


A word of caution

There are many models on the market most of which do an excellent job. Over the years we have come to the conclusion that some Stairlifts are designed and built to a "standard" whilst others are built to a "budget", if you feel that the price is the most important factor when choosing a Stairlift rather than safety, quality, reliability and after-sales support then we are probably not the company for you.

Please be understanding in that we will always prioritise the needs of our customers who have invested their trust and money with us before we are able to come and repair stairlifts supplied and fitted by "someone on EBay".

Comparison of Stairlift types
Straight Stairlifts
Curved Stairlifts

Can be supplied and fitted within days of your order.

Curved Stairlifts are sometimes required if you have a mid landing or if you have a fan type staircase.

They are the standard types of lift that I recommend that you have fitted, if at all possible.

There are some excellent models now available but due to the range of movements that these stairlifts must travel through mean that the ride is perhaps not as reassuring as a straight lift.

New or reconditioned second-hand units are constantly available.

A curved stairlift must be precisely designed and measured for your own specific staircase, this means there will be a delay between ordering and installation of a few weeks.